By Amanda LaBrecque, Vice President of Customer Success & Lifecycle Services at Aspire Technology Partners

Every company, including yours, is looking at ways to achieve successful outcomes with their technology investment. But that technology is changing rapidly and can be very challenging to understand and manage. Consider some of the latest technologies that companies in your industry are implementing, like software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN), or Edge Computing and IoT, or Unified Communications and Webex Meetings. Your IT team must become experts in the latest features of these technologies while simultaneously navigating the best fit and consumption model for your organization.

Every 11 seconds, bad actors compromise a business and their data, whether through a direct hack, phishing emails, or most recently, through sophisticated and targeted ransomware campaigns. The effects of these campaigns are not simply isolated to a small set of data or a single company that has been targeted. As demonstrated by the recent ransomware attack against an energy company, the follow-on or trickle-down effects can be felt by a significant number of your company’s customers and their customers as well. Ransomware has raised its profile from IT nuisance to brand-damaging threat. …

Written by Stephen Howard, Collaboration Solutions Architect, Aspire Technology Partners

The Cloud supports the new ways we work, which is one of the reasons so many companies have migrated their calling to a Cloud solution, such as Cisco Webex Cloud Calling. Companies rely on effective collaboration powered by intelligent, secure, and simple collaboration solutions. Companies also benefit from cost-savings, flexible deployments, and the ability to scale to meet their growing enterprise needs. One collaboration solution that meets these needs is Webex Cloud Calling.

This blog post will explore industry perspectives around cloud calling, business drivers that impact organization decisions to…

Aspire Technology Partners collaborates with Cohesity’s Joshua Haley, Field Technical Director, to share his insights on Data Management and Protection.

It was not long ago, data represented a cost to your organization — one that you answered by purchasing additional storage and compute hardware. Most of that data began and lived its life in your data center where you were able to derive some type of business value from it.

Today, however, many of us have seen a huge shift in the way we think about data. Data is an asset. It often begins and ends life well outside the…

This blog post was written by Carter Yepsen, Director of Business Development for IoT at Aspire Technology Partners

IoT for utilities, Smart Cities, and roadways holds great promise for older northeastern U.S. cities with aging infrastructure. For many practical reasons, these cities, including Boston, Providence, Hartford, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C., were built largely along waterways. They form an entire Amtrak Acela line of cities built along the Atlantic, the Charles River, the Hudson River, the Delaware River, the Potomac River, and so on. …

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